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man handling air conditioner with dry ice

Your heater provides your home with consistent warmth, even on the coldest days of the year. In order to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for your winter home heating needs, you will want to schedule preventative maintenance for your furnace.

A company that specializes in HVAC near Annapolis can identify any repair problems that may be occurring in your home’s heater system. By fixing problems early, you can make sure that you are not stranded without heat on a cold winter’s day. To help you know when to call the professionals, here is a look at some of the symptoms of a failing water heater.

Unusual Sounds

While it is perfectly normal for your furnace to make noises when it is operating, any unusual or very loud noises should be cause for concern. As a homeowner, it is likely that you are accustomed to the sounds that your furnace makes when it is operating normally. If you start to hear very loud pops, rattles, or bangs, your furnace may be about to fail.

Bad Smells

To determine whether your furnace needs to be replaced, you can also use your nose. Any bad smells coming from your home’s furnace should be cause for serious concern. A rotten egg smell could indicate that your natural gas furnace has sprung a leak. Electrical furnaces may develop burning or metallic smells when they are about to fail. With help from an HVAC professional, you can determine precisely why your furnace is creating an unpleasant odor.

Uneven Heating

A properly functioning heater will deliver consistent warmth to each area of the house. If you have started to notice that your house is being heated unevenly, this could indicate that your furnace needs to be replaced. As a furnace gets older, its heating elements and other components may gradually wear out. An experienced HVAC company will be able to diagnose your furnace problem and assist you with your replacement.

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