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Barstow & Sons Offers AC & Furnace Repair or Installation in Annapolis, MD

Barstow & Sons Heating & Cooling has years of knowledge and experience helping customers throughout Annapolis and Pasadena, MD determine if it’s time to repair or replace an HVAC system. It’s a question many customers struggle with as their equipment gets up there in age. The first thought is usually that the HVAC replacement cost is too much, so it’s better to stick with fixing any issues. However, heating and cooling repairs can add up over time, so are you really saving money? Let’s look at some key points.

split ac repair

Signs to Look for in HVAC Problems

First and foremost, homeowners should be aware of signs of an issue with their air conditioner or furnace. While some problems are common, others can be costlier, but the size or expense of the repair alone does not determine whether you should invest in new equipment. In the event you’re experiencing any of these issues, you should contact our team for assistance:

  • No heat from the furnace or boiler
  • No cool air from the AC
  • Odd smells
  • Loud noises
  • No air out of the vents
  • Comfort level not meeting thermostat temp

Reasons to Consider HVAC Replacement

For any service call, our technicians will help you weigh the options to determine whether it’s better to repair or replace your HVAC system. While it might feel like a significant decision to consider, there are some telltale signs that replacing the equipment is probably better than paying for repairs. The key factors include:

  • The Age of the Equipment – If your HVAC equipment is more than 10-15 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it. This doesn’t mean that if your heater is 15 years old and needs a repair, you should replace it right away. But this is the time to start planning and budgeting because you’ll probably need to replace it sooner than later.
  • The Cost of the Repairs – When an HVAC system is in that 10+ year range, consider how much the parts and labor of the repair will cost. How does it compare to the cost to replace the HVAC system? Even if replacing is a little more expensive, it may be cheaper in the long run when you enjoy a newer system requiring fewer repairs.
  • The Frequency of the Repairs – Even if the repairs aren’t too pricey, the frequency of how often you’re calling for service can determine your best option. It might be time to install a new unit if you’re calling to have parts replaced or repaired multiple times each heating and cooling season.
  • Equipment Efficiency – Furnaces and boilers are quality products that last a long time. In fact, they can operate without any major repairs for decades. However, that doesn’t mean you should rely on them for that long. Newer products are created with more energy savings, and older equipment loses efficiency over time. You could save a lot on monthly utility bills by replacing outdated equipment even if it still functions.
ac unit repair

Reasons for AC and Furnace Repair

If the system is still pretty new, about 10 years or less, we will suggest heating and cooling repairs instead of replacing your system most of the time. Wear and tear is a normal part of HVAC equipment ownership. Our maintenance services address many of these before they become a noticeable problem. However, even in an emergency situation, it is almost always best to move ahead with a repair on units under 10 years old. Easy repairs and fixes include:

  • Replacing air filters
  • Replacing electrical wiring
  • Repair fan and blower motors
  • Inspecting and repairing duct work

Talk to the Pros About Your HVAC System

If you’re contemplating heating and cooling repair versus the cost to replace an HVAC system in the Annapolis and Pasadena, MD area, the crew at Barstow & Sons Heating & Cooling can help you think about essential considerations. Contact us for professional advice today.