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Comprehensive Sewer Line Repair in Annapolis, MD

When your sewer line becomes damaged or broken, it can inhibit your ability to enjoy and feel comfortable and safe within your home. But don’t worry because Barstow and Sons is here to get your sewer system working again. We offer round-the-clock and emergency sewer line repair for homeowners in Annapolis, MD, Severna Park, MD, Severn, MD, and Pasadena, MD. Whether your sewer line damage is minor or severe, we’ll arrive at your home with cutting-edge technology and leading solutions to fix it. Once our job is done, you’ll have a renewed, enhanced, and functional sewer line that performs with top quality.

Does My Sewer Line Need Repaired?

If your sewer lines are compromised or beyond repair, you may be held responsible for any damages on your neighbors’ properties. That’s why getting help from a licensed, certified plumber as soon as possible is crucial. Your sewer line may need repair if:

  • Your pipes and drains frequently clog or back up.
  • You smell rank, sewage-like odors in your home.
  • Standing wastewater is pooling on your lawn.
  • Your water is draining too slowly or not at all.
  • Excessive amounts of insects or animals are invading your property.
Sewer Lines

Does My Sewer Line Need Replaced?

At some point, your sewer line may cease to function completely. Should this happen, you’ll need to have it replaced with a new one. We will thoroughly inspect your sewer line to determine whether a repair or replacement is best. We offer two options for sewer line replacement: conventional and trenchless. During a conventional replacement, we dig out your current lines and install new lines. If your pipes are in relatively good condition, our trenchless replacement will allow us to install new lines without having to dig. We’ll gladly assess your sewer lines and determine which replacement method is suitable for you.



Request Sewer Line Services Today

If your sewer line has become damaged from clogging, corrosion, or old age, you can trust Barstow and Sons to provide you with a quick, effective solution. We’ve spent our careers fixing and improving sewer, plumbing, and drainage systems with the highest level of excellence. Whether you need to get your sewer line fixed or unclogged or an extensive replacement and installation is required, our plumbing professionals possess the equipment, skills, and determination to meet your needs. We will remain fully committed to you from beginning to end, ensuring your total customer satisfaction.

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