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Humidifier Repair in Annapolis, MD

If you or members of your household are constantly complaining about minor breathing discomfort around the house, dry skin, dry eyes, and dandruff, then your home’s atmosphere might be the cause. Lack of humidity in the air can lead to uncomfortable issues and affect both your comfort and your body.

At Barstow and Sons, we specialize in making homes better places to live in by enhancing the quality of the atmosphere. From temperature to humidity, we improve your indoor air quality in a number of ways. We’ve been serving Annapolis, MD with five-star HVAC and humidity services since 1980, bringing comfort to the lives of many with services such as humidifier repair.

aprilaire 800 humidifier

Humidifier Installation

Our humidifier installation services allow us to install a permanent fixture in your home to improve your indoor air quality. If your home is filled with air that’s too dry, it can lead to some concerning health issues—especially if you already have a breathing condition such as asthma.

With years of experience and hands-on learning, our team can professionally install a humidifier unit in your home without a mess. If you’re unsure about a unit, our experts can discuss options and help you choose the one that’s best for you. Courtesy, reliability, and honesty are the cornerstones of our business, so we’ll make sure that the unit you’ve chosen is perfectly installed and operating at optimal functionality before we leave.

aprilaire 700 humidifier

Humidifier Repair

Humidifiers have a lot of moving parts that work together to ensure prime function of the machine. When something goes wrong, it can lead to concerning issues, such as leaks, odd noises, and complete failure of the unit.

Our humidifier repair services include detailed diagnostics of the issue and total repair of any malfunctioning or broken parts. Aspects of humidifiers that can commonly go wrong are the humidistats, fan motors, water inlet valves, and more. We’ll be able to diagnose the issue in little time and fix it quite easily. Humidifiers are one of our specialties, so we’ve seen it all and know them like the back of our hands.


While it may seem like a small addition to your home, a humidifier unit can make a big difference in your quality of life. Dry skin, dry eyes, dandruff issues, and aggravation of respiratory conditions such as asthma can all be signs that your air is too dry. Beyond alleviating those physical symptoms, installing a humidifier unit can increase your energy efficiency, enhance the comfort of your home, and lower your energy bills—all while needing little to no maintenance.

At Barstow and Sons, we believe that the smallest of acts can make a big impact. Let us show you how by seeing the difference that a humidifier can make in your home. Whether you have a baby, a loved one with asthma, or you’re simply tired of your skin being dry and flaky, our humidifier services can change your world. Plus, if something ever goes wrong with your unit, we’ll be there to perform a high quality humidifier repair, with the same great service as when we installed it.

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