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Technician sitting and checking HVAC system unit outside home

Indoor air quality in Annapolis is incredibly important to your overall health. Your entire HVAC system plays a role in your indoor air quality, but your heater may have more impact, especially if you need heater repair. If your heater is in need of repair, your indoor air quality could be affected in the form of dangerous gas emissions and improper filtration of dust and dirt. Let’s look at how your heater may affect your indoor air quality.

Old Filters

You might have a couple of different air filters used in your HVAC system. All filters should be replaced on a regular basis throughout the year. If you have old filters, then various contaminants, dirt, and dust are not being filtered correctly when you run your heater. The older the filter is, then the likelier that you will have increased allergy symptoms from improperly-filtered dust and dirt. Replace your filters every two to three months and every month during the winter.

Dangerous Emissions

If your furnace is new and free of significant repairs, then you are probably safe when it comes to dangerous emissions. However, if you need several heater repairs or it has been a long time since your furnace was serviced, then you may be at risk for gas emissions in your house. Gas and oil furnaces run the risk of contaminating your house with carbon monoxide, especially if they are old or in need of repairs. If you or your family has suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning—headaches, dizziness, nausea, and confusion to name a few—then see a doctor right away and have your furnace examined.

Old Units

Furnaces that are 10 years or older can severely affect your indoor air quality. The older your heating and air conditioning units are, then the likelier they are not circulating your indoor air properly. Have your furnace serviced at least once a year throughout its lifetime, and consider replacing it when it is older than 10 years or needs multiple repairs.

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