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Air Conditioning spinning blades

It is hard to imagine getting through summer without running your air conditioning in Annapolis, but if you aren’t maximizing your system’s efficiency, your energy bills could have you considering switching it off. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to make your air conditioner more energy-efficient, so you get the maximum cooling benefits with the lowest possible energy costs. Try these techniques to boost the efficiency of your air conditioning.

Pick the Right Time to Use Appliances

A number of the appliances you use every day, from your dryer to your oven and dishwasher, generate heat that can increase the temperature in your home. When you run them in the middle of the day, when temperatures are at their highest, the impact on your indoor temperature can be even greater. This means that your air conditioner has to work overtime just to keep up with the hot air your appliances are giving off. When possible, run these appliances after dark, when cooler outdoor temperatures make it more comfortable indoors and your air conditioner won’t have to run so hard to keep things cool.

Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Consider setting up regular service with your HVAC company so that your air conditioner gets periodic professional maintenance. This service means that any small problems in your unit will be corrected before they become more serious and costly issues. Between professional maintenance appointments, there are things you can do to prevent any loss of efficiency. Change your air filters at least every 90 days, keep debris away from your outdoor unit, and call an HVAC repair company if you notice any signs of decreased efficiency or damage to refrigerant lines.

Consider a Ductless Split Air System

Ductless split systems let you get the best possible temperature control over individual rooms. Use the remote control to cool rooms that you’re using without also cooling empty spaces. Ductless systems improve efficiency by only cooling targeted parts of your home, and they are also associated with better indoor air quality thanks to multi-stage filtration.

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