What Could Be Causing Your Boiler to Leak?

Repairing Pipes

Your heater, air conditioner, and other heating and cooling units are not infallible, and it helps to know what kinds of problems to look out for. You should always call a professional if you’re having a problem with HVAC near Annapolis, but understanding the potential problems can help you stay one step ahead of them. HVAC issues can be particularly problematic because they imply that the boiler is in trouble but can also affect your whole house. Keep reading to see what could be causing your boiler to leak.

A leaky boiler can quickly turn into an HVAC disaster. Not only does this mean there is a problem with your boiler, it also makes your home more vulnerable to water damage and mold growth. If your boiler is getting old, there might be physical cracks in the body. This typically occurs after repeatedly enduring changing temperatures that expand and contract the metal, and it is often cause for replacement. A less disastrous reason for your boiler to leak is damaged seals. If this is the culprit for your problems, all you have to do is replace the seals; but you should replace the pump as well, just to be safe.

what may be causing your boiler to leak in annapolis