Potential Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Man Conducting HVAC Repairs

If you want to be able to breathe freely and comfortably in your house in Annapolis, you should be concerned with the indoor air quality. . Services like air duct cleaning may be able to improve the quality of your indoor air, but what affects it in the first place? People often experience inhibited indoor air quality because they fail to maintain their HVAC units, while others have mold problems that circulate contaminants throughout the home. Smoking indoors can also have a significant impact on your indoor air quality, so quit smoking or step outside when you want a cigarette. Read on for more on the potential causes of poor indoor air quality. Potential Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality in annapolis

Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC systems helps keep your energy bills low and extend the working life of your units, but neglecting them can have the opposite effect. Lack of HVAC maintenance can also affect your indoor air quality by introducing contaminants into the air. Air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC appliances have air filters that trap dirt, dust, and debris and keep them from entering your air ducts. You will have to clean or replace these air filters as they become saturated with contaminants as part of your regular HVAC maintenance. Dirty filters make your heating and cooling appliances work harder than they should, and the contaminants on your filters could be forced into the airways.

Mold Problems

A mold issue can become more serious than you might expect, especially if you wait too long to deal with it. Mold spores will take off into the air in your home and make their way around your home and into your air ducts when they are left unchecked. This can aggravate respiratory problems like asthma and allergies and bring down your overall indoor air quality.

Smoking Indoors

Quitting smoking is no easy task, but refraining from smoking indoors shouldn’t be as difficult. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, hookah, or anything else in your home can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. Smoke outside to spare your indoor air and the people who share your home.