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Technician repairing the AC

Count on Barstow and Sons’ HVAC Maintenance in Annapolis, MD

Properly maintaining your home’s HVAC system includes regular visits from a heating and air conditioning technician from Barstow and Sons in Annapolis, MD. Our team specializes in heating and air conditioning repair, duct cleaning, replacement parts, and inspections of your heater, furnace, and air conditioning unit. When your HVAC system is well maintained, it will operate more efficiently and effectively, which saves you money and improves your indoor air quality. Here are the answers to some of the questions we frequently receive about HVAC maintenance.

How Often Should I Replace My Filter?

We recommend your HVAC filters get changed every month or two. You should check your air filter once a week and replace it as soon as it becomes dirty. There are multiple factors influencing when you should replace your air conditioning filter, including where you live, how often your heating and air conditioning system is used, how large your home is, and how many people live in your household.

Is it Important to Have My HVAC System’s Ducts Cleaned?

Yes. Duct cleaning can improve the indoor air quality in your home and help your heating and air conditioning system operate more efficiently. An HVAC technician from Barstow and Sons can perform effective duct cleaning services to remove dust, debris, and allergens from the ducts of your heating and air conditioning unit at your home in Annapolis, MD. You should not attempt to perform duct cleaning services yourself, as you could end up damaging your HVAC’s duct system. You can also ask our friendly technicians about treating the air entering your HVAC system in order to prevent your ducts from becoming so dirty in the first place.

How Often Should My Gas Furnace Be Inspected?

Your home’s gas furnace should be inspected and serviced by a licensed HVAC technician in Annapolis, MD at least once per year. Using an incorrectly operating gas furnace can significantly increase your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Your HVAC technician will check your gas furnace for leaks, the furnace vents for proper airflow, and the heat exchanger for cracks and damage. We’ll also test the gas furnace to ensure it shuts down if any problems occur.

Why Is My HVAC System Making Noise?

Noise coming from your HVAC system isn’t always a problem. Some heating and air conditioning systems make noise, and each unit is different. In general, newer HVAC systems tend to be quieter, although a bit of noise may still be normal. If your HVAC unit is making new noises or is abnormally loud, contact the professionals to have it inspected.

Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

HVAC systems can freeze up for multiple reasons. Keeping your air filter clean is essential because your system will be less likely to freeze if the airflow isn’t restricted. Contact the professionals at Barstow and Sons to diagnose the reason for your system freezing up, and promptly solve the problem. Common reasons for HVAC systems freezing up include dirty evaporator coils, low refrigerant levels, or defective blower motors.

Do I Need a Zoning System?

A zoning system is an effective way to keep separate areas of your home at different temperatures. Zoning systems are especially important for larger homes or those with many residents. These systems can ensure everyone is comfortable in their own rooms. Zoning systems are easily installed by the HVAC professionals in Annapolis, MD.

What Impacts Indoor Air Quality?

Your home’s indoor air can be dirtier than the air outside, but it doesn’t have to be. Particles in carpet, furniture, and upholstery can emit fumes polluting the air, as can everyday products such as paint, cleaners, and personal care products. Proper ventilation and removing airborne pathogens are essential to help your family breathe easier and feel better. Dust, mold, and allergens can also cause your indoor air quality to suffer.

What Can I Do to Lower My Energy Costs?

No one likes seeing their monthly energy bills continue to rise. The most crucial factor in helping control your energy costs is your home’s HVAC system. If your heating and air conditioning unit isn’t energy-efficient, you’re likely paying too much to keep your home comfortable, especially during the summer and winter months. A few ways to lower your energy costs include regular HVAC maintenance, having a newer, more energy-efficient system installed, and utilizing a programmable thermostat and a zoning system.

What is the Proper Size HVAC System for My Home?

It’s essential to have the right size HVAC system in your home. Having an oversized HVAC system in your home will waste energy every month. As well, you likely paid too much to purchase it. Having a unit that’s too small presents its own problems too. Your home’s HVAC system will have to work overtime just to keep you comfortable, resulting in skyrocketing monthly energy bills. There are multiple factors to determine the appropriately sized HVAC system, including the square footage of your home, ceiling height, window size, and more. The best thing to do is to contact the professionals at Barstow and Sons, who can perform a load calculation to ensure you get the perfect air conditioning and heating system for your home.

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