Popping Ductwork in Annapolis, MD

With cold weather season upon us, furnaces from across the region are starting up again to keep you comfortable and cozy. In many homes, the furnace makes a strange popping sound, and you may be wondering what’s causing the noise.

For years, Barstow and Sons in Annapolis, MD, has been providing customers with repairs, servicing, and a wealth of information to ensure your ductwork and furnaces are fully functional and quiet. If your furnace and ductwork are making a lot of noise when you turn your furnace on or off, call today. We can solve the issue efficiently and affordably.

Do you hear a popping noise?

The duct walls connecting your furnace to the rest of your home respond to changes in air pressure by popping, booming, and banging. Hot and cold air have different air pressures, and when your furnace is turned on or off, the pressure change can result in loud sounds. Four factors determine the extent of the noise and how best to prevent it.

Factor 1: Duct shape

Your home has one of three ductwork shapes: round, square, or rectangular. Round ducts are the quietest, and rectangular ducts are the loudest. Each of these shapes has a different threshold for air pressure changes that are measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Round ducts handle more pressure without emitting a sound. While replacing your ducts is possible, muffling the sound with wrappings and paddings can reduce noise from rectangular ducts.

Factor 2: Gauge rating

The metal in your ductwork has a gauge rating that indicates the relative strength of the material. The lower the gauge rating, the thicker the metal; the thicker the metal, the less noisy your furnace will be when it is turned on and off. A thicker metal is less likely to expand and contract, which helps reduce popping sounds. The normal gauge range is between 24 to 26, with ratings above 26 indicating a thinner, weaker metal. Consult the professional team at Barstow & Sons before deciding to replace all of the ductwork in your home, as this is a large-scale project.

Factor 3: Duct size

The size of your ducts determines how much air can travel through them without causing popping noises. With small ductwork, it is possible to see air moving through the furnace when the heat is turned on because of the sudden change in air pressure. Barstow and Sons can provide a full diagnosis if you are concerned your ductwork is too small.

Factor 4: Furnace noise

If you replaced your furnace but not the ductwork, compatibility issues might cause increased noise. Usually, this is solved by altering your existing ductwork to meet the specifications of your new furnace. A delayed furnace ignition or rattles from your furnace’s blower can also cause strange noises in your ductwork.

Solving the issue

At Barstow and Sons, we have years of experience helping our customers get the most from their HVAC systems and furnaces. We know it can be annoying when your ductwork is making lots of noise, especially during the night. We offer comprehensive furnace and ductwork services, including diagnostics, repairs, alterations, and new equipment installation to make your home comfortable and quiet. Our expert team is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient, and we look forward to serving you. Call us today in Annapolis, MD, to schedule service

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