HVAC Services When Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Is Making Sounds

Have a noisy furnace or air conditioner? Usually, there’s no need to worry: The noise level of your HVAC system typically has no bearing on its effectiveness. The cost of your utility bill won’t decrease or increase based on how loudly your system is operating, and the noises you hear normally don’t point to a failing system. Frequent hissing, bubbling, buzzing, or grinding noises, however, indicate your heating and cooling system needs to be checked out by a professional service provider.

If you need help figuring out why your HVAC system is making strange sounds, contact the technicians at Barstow and Sons. We’ll make sure everything is running smoothly. We provide expert HVAC services, including repairs and maintenance, in and around Annapolis, MD.

What noises are considered normal?

That low hum you hear when your unit switches on is normal. Sometimes, you might even forget the sound is there or tune it out as background noise when you’re constantly running your system in the summer or winter. Even a few hissing sounds can be normal if they last for only a limited number of seconds. If you’re bothered by the noise of a loud heater or air conditioner, you may want to look into installing a system that’s designed to operate quietly.

Not all sounds should be brushed off, however. It’s best to never try to diagnose an issue with your heater or air conditioner unless you’re a trained professional. Ignoring an odd, persistent noise or attempting to resolve the issue yourself could be dangerous. That’s where Barstow and Sons comes in. We’ll come to your Annapolis, MD-area home, inspect your HVAC system, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Noises to look out for

While not all noises mean your HVAC system is malfunctioning, certain sounds can indicate a problem. Contact Barstow and Sons as soon as possible if you hear any of the following:

  • Constant hissing or bubbling: Intermittent hissing is usually fine, but if it starts occurring with more frequency or is replaced by a bubbling sound, you’ve definitely got an issue. These noises could indicate a refrigerant leak or high air compressor pressure.
  • Metal grinding: If you hear metal grinding, immediately shut off your system. A grinding noise is usually the result of issues with your compressor or belt. If you ignore this sound or leave your system running, it could result in a damaged system and expensive repairs.
  • Buzzing: Buzzing noises are almost always correlated with an electrical issue, which is potentially very dangerous. Even if your HVAC system seems to be heating or cooling your home effectively, turn off your system and call us right away.

Experienced HVAC technicians

Many times, the sounds emanating from your furnace or air conditioner are harmless. But if you hear any of the noises indicated above, don’t ignore them or endanger yourself by trying to solve the problem on your own. The experienced technicians at Barstow and Sons are here for you. Since 1980, we’ve been providing reliable HVAC services in and around Annapolis, MD, and Anne Arundel County. We’ll identify the cause of any troubling noises and quickly and efficiently repair your heating and cooling system so you can relax in safety and comfort.

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