• Furnace Filter Video

    How to Change a Furnace Filter

    Your furnace filter removes dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants from your indoor air. When you watch this video, you will learn all about the steps of changing your furnace filter at home. Your furnace filter should be changed at least once every three months. In order to replace the filter, you can access […]

  • Two HVAC Units

    Getting the Right Size Heater

    When you are shopping for a new furnace for your home, it is important to make sure that you select a unit that is the right size for your heating needs. An HVAC company near Annapolis is sure to offer heaters that are available in many different sizes. By taking the time to shop for […]

  • Man Doing HVAC Work

    Preparing Your HVAC System for the Winter

    The days are getting shorter and leaves are beginning to change colors, which can only mean one thing: winter is on its way. As you get your sweaters out of the basement and check your car’s antifreeze levels, don’t forget to get your furnace in Annapolis ready for colder temperatures. Your furnace has not been […]

  • Humidifier in Room

    Benefits of Humidifier Installation

    When the air in your house is dry, it can have a number of uncomfortable effects. You may notice that your throat is often dry and scratchy, or that you have breathing issues such as a nagging cough. Hair and skin also get dried out when you live in an environment that doesn’t have enough […]