Taking a Look at New Water Heater Regulations

Water Heater Regulations Video

Before you install a new water heater in your home, you may want to take the time to learn about the newest water heater regulations. In this video from This Old House, you will review some of the latest regulations that affect new water heater installations. To ensure that water heaters are properly insulated, the EPA now requires that all new units have 2 inches of insulation. A company that specializes in HVAC near Annapolis can provide you with additional information about today’s water heaters.

Whether you are in need of heater repair or a new water heater installation, you will want to make sure to trust your services to a team of skilled professionals. Your heating and cooling technicians will have the knowledge and experience that is needed to correctly install a new water heater in your home.

How to Use Your Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat Video

Using your programmable thermostat correctly can save you energy costs and future heater or air conditioner repairs . Your thermostat controls when your HVAC units turn on and off, so programming it to your family’s schedule can help reduce and regulate your energy use. This will equal savings and environmental benefits. Watch the video to learn more about using your programmable thermostat and HVAC units near Annapolis.

Once you choose the right thermostat, consider your family’s schedule. Program the thermostat to respond to when you sleep, wake up, leave for work, and arrive home. Never program the thermostat to raise or lower significantly during the summer or winter; this makes your heating and air conditioning units work overtime and will eventually cost you more money. Program your thermostat to regulate the temperature within a few degrees of your optimal temperature to save on energy.

The Benefits of Home Automation

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Home automation refers to a smart system that allows homeowners complete control over various systems in their house, whether they are at home or away. Home automation essentially creates a “smart home,” wherein light control, window blinds, and HVAC systems are all controlled through home automation systems. By using home automation for heating and air conditioning near Annapolis, homeowners can receive several benefits, such as:

  • Lower energy costs. Heating and air conditioning units can be programmed to turn on or off according to family schedules, which will prevent unneeded heating and cooling throughout the day.
  • Out-of-town control. Homeowners can keep an eye on their house and various appliances while away at work or on vacation. They can also control these appliances from their smart phone if needed.

Peace of mind. Having the ability to control the HVAC units, lights, security systems, and other appliances can provide much-needed peace of mind for nervous homeowners, especially while they are away on vacation or leaving their children with a babysitter.

benifits of home automation for heating and air conditoning in annapolis

What to Look for in a New Furnace

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When buying a new furnace near Annapolis , there are a few factors to consider. Fuel source and a correct-sized unit are crucial to the overall performance of your entire HVAC system and continued energy costs. If, for example, your furnace is too small for your house, then you risk overpaying in energy costs and future heater repairs and maintenance. Here is a closer look at what you need in your new furnace: what to look for in a new furnace in annapolis

Fuel Source

There are three common fuel sources used for furnaces—gas, electric, and oil—though gas and electric are the most popular sources used in Maryland homes. Choosing your furnace may depend upon which fuel source you prefer. Oil is a very powerful heat source, but it often takes up a lot of room; oil heaters use a separate container for storing the oil. Gas is a cleaner fuel source, and it requires very little energy to use, making it the most economical choice. Electric heating is considered more energy-efficient compared to gas and oil, but it often becomes more expensive to run.

Correct Sizing

When it comes to any part of your HVAC system, you must consider the sizing. All of your heating and cooling units must be properly sized to fit your home. Your HVAC contractor should come to your home to look at various factors before recommending a furnace. These factors will include the square footage of your entire house, as well as the level of efficiency from your windows and doors. These are important factors that will decide the size and type of furnace your home should have.

Quality Warranties

Warranties are necessary to have for almost every large appliance in your home. These warranties can help cover the costs of future heater repairs and possible replacements. Speak with your HVAC contractor and furnace supplier about the various warranties that accompany your purchase. Make sure there is some sort of guarantee in place to ensure you receive a quality appliance and installation.

How Your Heater Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air quality in Annapolis is incredibly important to your overall health. Your entire HVAC system plays a role in your indoor air quality , but your heater may have more impact, especially if you need heater repair. If your heater is in need of repair, your indoor air quality could be affected in the form of dangerous gas emissions and improper filtration of dust and dirt. Let’s look at how your heater may affect your indoor air quality. heater - repair

Old Filters

You might have a couple different air filters used in your HVAC system. All filters should be replaced on a regular basis throughout the year. If you have old filters, then various contaminants, dirt, and dust are not being filtered correctly when you run your heater. The older the filter is, then the likelier that you will have increased allergy symptoms from improperly-filtered dust and dirt. Replace your filters every two to three months and every month during the winter.

Dangerous Emissions

If your furnace is new and free of significant repairs, then you are probably safe when it comes to dangerous emissions. However, if you need several heater repairs or it has been a long time since your furnace was serviced, then you may be at risk for gas emissions in your house. Gas and oil furnaces run the risk of contaminating your house with carbon monoxide, especially if they are old or in need of repairs. If you or your family has suffered symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning—headaches, dizziness, nausea, and confusion to name a few—then see a doctor right away and have your furnace examined.

Old Units

Furnaces that are 10 years or older can severely affect your indoor air quality. The older your heating and air conditioning units are, then the likelier they are not circulating your indoor air properly. Have your furnace serviced at least once a year throughout its lifetime, and consider replacing it when it is older than 10 years or needs multiple repairs.

Spotting the Symptoms of a Failing Heater

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Your heater provides your home with consistent warmth, even on the coldest days of the year. In order to make sure that your HVAC system is ready for your winter home heating needs, you will want to schedule preventative maintenance for your furnace. A company that specializes in HVAC near Annapolis can identify any repair problems that may be occurring in your home’s heater system. By fixing problems early, you can make sure that you are not stranded without heat on a cold winter’s day. To help you know when to call the professionals, here is a look at some of the symptoms of a failing water heater. heater - repair

Unusual Sounds

While it is perfectly normal for your furnace to make noises when it is operation, any unusual or very loud noises should be cause for concern. As a homeowner, it is likely that you are accustomed to the sounds that your furnace makes when it is operating normally. If you start to hear very loud pops, rattles, or bangs, your furnace may be about to fail.

Bad Smells

To determine whether your furnace needs to be replaced, you can also use your nose. Any bad smells coming from your home’s furnace should be cause for serious concern. A rotten egg smell could indicate that your natural gas furnace has sprung a leak. Electrical furnaces may develop burning or metallic smells when they are about to fail. With help from an HVAC professional, you can determine precisely why your furnace is creating an unpleasant odor.

Uneven Heating

A properly functioning heater will deliver consistent warmth to each area of the house. If you have started to notice that your house is being heated unevenly, this could indicate that your furnace needs to be replaced. As a furnace gets older, its heating elements and other components may gradually wear out. An experienced HVAC company will be able to diagnose your furnace problem and assist you with your replacement.

The Importance of Preventative HVAC Maintenance

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Rather than waiting for a serious problem to occur before you schedule heater repair, it is wise to set up preventative maintenance services for your HVAC system . During a preventative maintenance appointment for your furnace, your technician will take a look at all of the major components of your heating unit. If your inspection reveals a problem with your heating and air conditioning near Annapolis, your technician will be able to repair the problem early. To highlight the benefits of setting up HVAC repair today, here is a look at the importance of preventative HVAC maintenance. hvac - maintenance

Improve Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons to set up preventative maintenance for your HVAC system is that you will be able to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your system. During a preventative maintenance appointment for your HVAC system, your technician will make sure that all of its components are operating at peak efficiency. By setting up preventative maintenance services at key intervals throughout the year, you can rest assured that your HVAC system is functioning as efficiently as possible.

Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is another top concern for any homeowner. When you neglect to set up preventative maintenance for your system, your indoor air quality could suffer. Preventative maintenance will include a thorough cleaning of your HVAC elements, as well as a replacement of its air filter. By taking the time to set up preventative services at key intervals throughout the year, you will be able to breathe easy whenever you are home.

Extend Lifespan of the System

An HVAC replacement is a major undertaking that requires a significant investment of time and energy. When you make sure to schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC system, you will help your unit last for as long as possible. If you would like to avoid the expense of a heater or air conditioner replacement, you will want to make sure that you schedule preventative services for your HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance 101

HVAC Maintenance 101

The key to avoiding a major meltdown with your HVAC system is scheduling regular maintenance. Keeping your system in top working order is a joint effort between you and your HVAC repair company. Every month, you can perform your own DIY maintenance by checking and changing your filters and making sure your outdoor units are free of debris. Each fall and spring, have your HVAC professional perform routine maintenance, such as thoroughly inspecting your heater and air conditioning units, and completing any necessary repairs. Learn more about HVAC maintenance in this infographic from Barstow & Sons . Contact us to find out how we can help you keep your HVAC in top condition and to learn about our other services, including duct cleaning and installation of water heaters near Annapolis. Please share this information about HVAC maintenance to help others get the most dependable and efficient service from their heating and cooling units.

How to Change a Furnace Filter

Furnace Filter Video

Your furnace filter removes dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants from your indoor air. When you watch this video, you will learn all about the steps of changing your furnace filter at home. Your furnace filter should be changed at least once every three months. In order to replace the filter, you can access the filter chamber by removing the front panel of your furnace. A company that offers HVAC near Annapolis can assist you with your furnace filter changes.

To make sure that your gas furnace is ready for your home heating needs this winter, be sure to contact a company that specializes in HVAC maintenance and repair . With help from your team of qualified technicians, you can rest assured that your furnace is tuned up and ready for your home heating needs.

Getting the Right Size Heater

Two HVAC Units

When you are shopping for a new furnace for your home, it is important to make sure that you select a unit that is the right size for your heating needs. An HVAC company near Annapolis is sure to offer heaters that are available in many different sizes. By taking the time to shop for a furnace that is properly sized for your household, you will be able to enjoy consistent heating, while also saving money on your home heating bills. There are several factors to consider when you are choosing a size for your heater or HVAC system.

The first factor that you will need to consider when you are choosing a heater size is the overall square footage of your home. A house with lots of square footage will require a larger heating unit. Additionally, you will also want to evaluate the overall insulation throughout your property. By shopping for an efficient heater that is properly sized, you can enjoy the best performance from your system.

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